May 07 2010

Untitled Poem

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This poem by Gloria Anzaldua, also, presents the ability of women to be in all cultures at once, but it does so not by directly naming different cultures or by specifying any particular ethnicity.  This poem does so by presenting women as the instruments and ingredients that make up a meal.  All of the elements Anzadula lists are necessary for a meal, just as all women are necessary for the development of rights that include all women.  One instrument or ingredient cannot be left out, just as one group of women cannot be left out of women’s rights movements. By “abiding” the ingredients and instruments are agreeing to create a meal, just as all women can agree to work together to improve women’s rights.  The use of both English and Spanish plays the same role as it does in the previous two poems.

Untitled Poem

We are the porous rock in the stone metate

squatting on the ground.

We are the rolling pin, el maiz y agua,

la masa harina.  Somos el amasijo.  Somos lo molido en el metate.

We are the comal sizzling hot,

the hot tortilla, the hungry mouth.

We are the coarse rock.

We are the grinding motion,

the mixed potion, somos el molcajete.

We are the pestle, the comino, ajo, pimienta,

We are the chile colorado,

the green shoot that cracks the rock.

We will abide.

-Gloria Anzaldua

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